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Convert videos within your browser without uploading your files anywhere.

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Processing ilo

Video Processing

A new way to process video

Completely within your browser, without uploading your files anywhere.

  • Privacy First

    Don't trust servers with processing your videos, trust your own browser.

  • Not uploading your files

    Tired of wasting data to upload and download your videos? Process them on your own browser instead.

  • Highly Customizable

    Tons of options and customizability, especially in advanced mode.

  • No watermarks or limits

    No watermarks or resolution limits. Modfy is free to use today in its beta state.

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All-in-one platform

All the basic video processing functionality you need.

You can trim a video at the start or end of the video.
Convert between formats
You can convert almost any file into any of the below listed formats and codecs.
Reduce the size of your video files.
Combine video files
Combine your video files.
Create a video montage of your photos super easily.
Convert your video files into GIFs.
Change the Aspect Ratio of your videos
Want that cinematic 21:9 look for your video?
Advanced Mode
Need an option that is missing? Try advanced mode.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it really free?
Yes, it is free and there are no hidden charges. We generate revenue from our API product but also plan to launch a premium version at a future time.
How do you protect my privacy?
By not uploading your files to any server, your privacy is automatically protected.
How are my files not uploaded anywhere?
We use a new technology(web-assembly) to process the video file within your browser.
Will you add a watermark or something similar?
No. We will not add a watermark or limit resolution or anything similar.
Is there a limit to number of videos a day?
Something is broken or not working?
Our technology is quite new and there is a good chance something might be broken. Don't worry, just shoot us an email support [at] or join our discord community.

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